Yesler Terrace Pocket Park Porous Pavement Installation

We were asked to install a walking path of Porous Pave in a complex crisscross patten for Seattle Housing Authority. The walkway sits at the base of some “turf mounds”, designed as a park amenity for kids to run up and over. These mounds have a concrete base underneath, which means all the rainwater that falls on them is directed to the footpath below. Processing rainwater onsite, and keeping it out of the storm drain and ultimately Puget Sound, is a more and more important goal of many landscape projects, and flexible porous paving is one of the tools we use to meet that goal. The project was particularly difficult as we had to connect the walkway to various levels of benches, city sidewalk, and the turf mounds, and installing it flat and level presented many challenges. With the ingenuity of Derek, ever creative foreman for all Root Cause operations, we found a way to make it all fit together and serve the public for years to come.