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Root Pruning Seattle
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Root Pruning Techniques- The Way To Coexist With Trees


Root pruning can be used to improve infrastructure while maintaining the health of surrounding greenery. Historically, construction work in urban areas have had to clear away the greenery to achieve construction goals. Root Cause brings new technologies that can enable co-existence of both humans and trees. When performed under the guidance of an ISA Certified Arborist, it is an eco-friendly process that minimizes the damage to plants and trees while planning and performing construction of sidewalks, footpaths, or any underground installation of gas pipelines, telephone lines, etc. 


Trust Root Cause for the protection of your greenery around your house. We believe that the trees should live with us and should be exposed to minimum damage from human interference. This commitment of ours has led to a revolution in the construction industry. We help and create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Root Cause has various techniques that minimize the damage of underground construction on the trees in the vicinity. For example, root barriers are a preventive measure while root pruning is a technique that is corrective in nature.


All About Root Pruning- WHAT IT IS


If needing to prune underneath a sidewalk or roadway, this is first removed to expose the dirt underneath. We then utilize air to expose the roots that caused damage and prune appropriately with clean cuts and shaving to roots that can be safely pruned. This process allows new sidewalks to be installed without the risk of further damage from the tree roots. This constitutes the majority of work we perform for municipalities.


Root pruning can be highly stressful to trees and should only be performed by a professional. The success depends on the species, age, and size of the tree, in addition to where the cuts are located, environmental factors, as well as the overall health of the tree. If root pruning is selected, root barriers should also be installed to prevent further damage from growing roots. 


We identify, reduce and remove tree roots causing property damage, including to sidewalks, sewer and/or irrigation lines and are skilled in the creation and placement of root barriers to prevent additional damage.


Care after Root Pruning has been concluded


Root cause has gathered all its resources to provide a seamless process when you are beginning construction in your area. We work with the municipalities to provide our services and help make sustainable development possible at affordable costs. 


After root pruning is performed, extra care should be taken of the tree to increase chances of revival and survival. Water deeply, aerate the soil and avoid further interference. Add fertilizers so that the tree gets enough nutrients. Mulching can help to avoid weed growth and soil compaction.


Methods used in root pruning


Air excavation

These make use of air machines that loosen up the soil with the help of air travelling at nearly twice the speed of sound. Prior to pruning, a deep analysis is done to mark areas that need pruning. Air excavation assists in a clean process of root cutting.


Root pruning machines

Root pruning machines are generally employed where a vast area is needed to be pruned, where there aren’t concerns of utility or other underground lines, and it is not feasible to utilize other techniques. The main disadvantage is that these machines don’t allow for an analysis of the process. You cannot evaluate the areas that require minimal pruning. They indiscriminately prunes the whole area. Root Cause does not use such technique.


Trencher or excavator

This method is the most disastrous technique, it lifts a portion of soil pulling out roots indiscriminately. This causes undue damage to the root system of the tree. Root Cause does not use such technique. We hold high our commitment to the protection of trees.


Root Cause is on a mission of symbiosis between humans and trees and are always ready to provide services related to root pruning, root barriers, porous paving, and tree protection. We provide experienced and excellent services to help create a heaven on earth.