What It Is:


Root pruning involves exposing the roots of a tree using air excavation, then making clean cuts to remove roots that can safely be removed. Once the old sidewalk is removed, we then utilize air to expose the roots that caused damage and prune appropriately. This process allows new sidewalk to be installed without the risk of further damage from the tree roots. This constitutes the majority of work we perform for municipalities.


Root pruning can be highly stressful to trees and should only be performed by a professional. The success depends on the species, age and size of the tree in addition to where the cuts are located, environmental factors as well as the overall health of the tree. If root pruning is selected, root barriers should also be installed to prevent further damage from growing roots. Read more about root barriers here.


From We identify, reduce and remove tree roots causing property damage, including to sidewalks, sewer and/or irrigation lines and are skilled in the creation and placement of root barriers to prevent additional damage.