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What is Air Excavation?

The fundamental ingredient of our underground tree service is the process of air excavation. This process involves using compressed air and an Air Knife which crumbles the soil and has a formulated nozzle which doesn’t damage tree roots. This allows us to break up and move soil to safely expose roots and map their locations.


Air excavation is a low-impact method of safely trenching in root zones. This process allows the placement of conduit or pipe for utilities, irrigation, sewage or drainage and keeps trees healthy and thriving.


Why We Are Better:

We use a formulated tool called an Air Knife which allows us to crumble the soil in order to expose roots for various activities like pruning. The Air Knife aids in the ability to place conduit, irrigation, sewer, utility, and drainage lines underneath, as well as through, existing tree roots. By exposing the roots, we know exactly where they are which facilitates our ability to perform appropriate, clean cuts when needed and map the root system as an aid to construction design. Much as the canopy of a tree can be pruned, its root system can be pruned and when properly done, with minimal detriment to the tree.