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Root Cause provides arborist services for city trees
above and below ground.

Founded by ISA Certified Arborist, Brian Holers, Root Cause has been serving the State of Washington to provide a more comprehensive approach to tree care than existed previously, and is pioneering below ground tree and root work into the overall care of trees.

Certified Porous Pavement Installer

We like to say “Trees that grow well, cause problems.” Let us help!

Legal regulations require builders to protect and preserve trees on construction sites both above ground as well as below ground. We protect trees by helping keep equipment and workers out of root zones. We use air to incorporate organics into soil before, during, and after construction to ensure trees survive the process.

Air excavation is a low-impact method of safely trenching in root zones. This process allows the placement of conduit or pipe for utilities, irrigation, sewage, or drainage and keeps trees healthy and thriving.

We identify, reduce, and remove tree roots causing property damage, including to sidewalks, sewer, and/or irrigation lines and are also skilled in the creation and placement of root barriers to prevent additional damage.

Flexible porous paving is designed to hold up to the demands of modern infrastructure while remaining porous and flexible. It is a cost-effective solution for maintaining healthy trees in an urban environment.

Did you know there are over 4 Million Trees in Seattle?

source: SDOT

“Finally, we have a local company that understands tree-soil relationships and is able to help our clients do the soil work we often recommend.”

— Tree Solutions, Inc., Seattle WA

“Root Cause brought our 25 year old Styrax back to life using an Air Knife: after years of watching our tree decline, it flowered this spring for the first time in years!”

— Robert and Shari Teeple, Capitol Hill home owners

“Root Cause handles all our root pruning for sidewalk repair jobs, and helps us get concrete back in on time, every time.”

— Justin Sinconis, J.R. Abbott Construction, Inc.

“Root Cause transplanted a 17 foot/9 caliper Japanese maple tree to create shade and shield my bedroom window exposed to the street; the tree is thriving, and my neighbors love the new look as well.”

— Jody Gross, Mercer Island home owner

“Root Cause helped us till soil and transform an unused patch of weeds into an urban garden for our food bank.”

— Rabbi Aaron Meyer, Temple de Hirsch Sinai, Seattle

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