Tree Roots vs Sidewalks

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Tree Roots vs Sidewalks

Tree Roots and Sidewalks are natural enemies! Whenever the two are in close proximity, there are going to be problems. We were called into a project in the Capitol Hill neighborhood for this sidewalk repair project. Our job was to assess what roots we can remove while keeping the tree healthy and upright. When we remove old damaged pavement, you can learn a lot about a tree and its history (some would call struggle) in growing through our construction. Just as we can prune the canopy of the tree above ground, we can safely prune the tree underground.

In the video, the sidewalk has been removed to reveal the roots of the sets of trees. In these particular trees, they have some large knots in them, which stems from the roots exploiting empty space in the soil.

By removing some of the roots on these trees, we are able to replace the sidewalk that will be at the same grade as the street curb.

Decades ago, when this sidewalk was installed, they were parallel with street, now they are about a foot to a foot and a half above the street line.