Certified Tree & Tree Root Care in the Seattle Area

Life is tough for city trees and their roots. Trees are valued for their beauty and ecosystem services they provide, but can thrive only when protected from the damage human activity and expansion often brings. Many problems related to trees can be avoided by careful planning and planting.

Root Cause helps urban trees thriveBrian Holers, certified with the International Society of Arboriculture  (I.S.A.) since 1996, launched Root Cause, L.L.C. to provide a more comprehensive approach to tree care than existed previously, and is pioneering below ground tree and root work into the overall care of trees.  Brian is one of a very small group of arborists in Seattle skilled to provide tree and root care and related services below as well as above ground.

With nearly two decades experience as a tree protection specialist in the Northwest, Brian understands the importance of facilitating tree care in our expanding cities and neighborhoods from the ground up.  Urban trees are often poorly planted in depleted soil of insufficient volume, and begin their lives with malformed root systems; as trees grow, their struggle for survival continues as they compete with encroaching buildings, electrical wires, pavement, construction and foot and vehicle traffic. As a result, many urban trees never reach their potential size and value to the environment and spend their shortened lives infested with disease and pests.

Good tree, root and soil management from the outset saves money and optimizes tree survival in urban and other environments59Until recently, the only solutions offered by traditional arboriculture were pruning, systemic treatments, and too often, removal of the tree entirely.

Good tree, root and soil management from the outset saves money and optimizes tree survival in urban and other environments. Root Cause addresses all aspects of tree and root protection and care, including root and soil mitigation below ground. Commercial and residential Root Cause clients enjoy healthy, long standing, vigorous trees instead of trees that struggle to survive and are weak, diseased and stressed.

Want to learn more? Brian is on a mission to spread the word about the challenge of maintaining healthy urban trees and offers remedies to fix tree problems one root zone at a time. Whether you are a landscape architect, city planner, construction manager or commercial or residential property owner, Root Cause provides extensive above and below ground tree and root management so healthy trees and their root systems thrive despite urban hardships.


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