Our Approach

Our Approach to Tree Care

Healthy trees benefit from skilled root careTrees that grow well cause problems. At Root Cause LLC, we like to become involved with our customers’ trees from the beginning. In addition to providing traditional above ground tree work, such as pruning and removals, we help our commercial and residential customers plan and install systems with adequate rooting space for trees. Our motto is, poor planning leads to poor planting.

Construction sites require special tree protection. While excavation in root zones is often deadly, even simple and repeated foot and equipment traffic in root zones also creates a host of problems for trees. Root Cause performs a variety of services using compressed air for low-impact excavation in root zones, to prevent soil and root damage during construction, and to repair damaged soils. Utility, construction and landscape professionals utilize Root Cause for numerous purposes, including when tree roots damage sidewalks and other hardscape. Root Cause’s air technology allows Brian and his staff to trench through root zones without damaging or cutting tree roots and to properly protect trees during construction. Landscaping is often the last phase of construction. Root Cause works with landscape architects to plan adequate rooting space for trees and amend existing soil onsite utilizing air, saving its customers costly soil removal and replacement. When plantings are added to the root zone of an existing tree, our air excavation technology enables us to amend soil for planting without causing damage to tree roots in the same area.

ISA certified arborist and professional tree care specialist, Brian Holers and his team provide an array of tree protection services in the Seattle area. Services including tree pruning, tree and stump removal, and underground tree and root care.

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